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WON Chairman Li Zeyuan Visits Regional Agents in China

This is the first time in 2013 that the chairman visited WON agents in China, empowering the WON brand in all aspects to the industry with its outstanding technical strength and innovative thinking.

In this challenging era, the automation industry is facing many difficulties and challenges. However, the WON brand, with its advanced automation technology and professional solutions, has made significant contributions to the industry

Enter new vitality. The WON linear guide rail, screw and other series cover multiple fields such as automation equipment, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet of Things, and industrial robots. We have rich experience and expertise

Knowledge can provide you with customized solutions to help you gain an advantage in fierce market competition.

During this visit, WONST Chairman Li Zeyuan and Vice President Xu Zhe gave full recognition to the work of Shenzhen Yongchuang Xingsheng Technology Co., Ltd., which has delved deeper into the operation of the enterprise

Each link. We are committed to helping you improve production efficiency, reduce costs, enhance product quality, and ultimately achieve business growth.

May greater achievements be achieved in 2024!!!

WON China Agent: Shenzhen Yongchuang Xingsheng Technology Co., Ltd

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